Body Weight

Body Weight

Body Weight Vs Body Fats – Discover the Difference

The human body was comprised of 2 things and these are the fat which involves excess fat + essential fat, and the non-fat which includes bone, muscle, and much more. Such things when joined are the digit you call “bodyweight”. If you lose weight, you want this to be weight loss through getting rid of fats whilst keeping well-defined lean muscles. It is the way you could obtain a nice, sexy lean appearance instead of that soft-mushy skinny fat figure.

Body Weight Vs Body Fats: Body Fat & Essential Body Fat – What Is It?

To simply put, the number one purpose of body fats is to stock energy that can be used if your body does not have any other source of energy available. A pound of fats is comprised of 3,500 calories of the stored energy. Thus, you have to burn 3,500 calories in getting rid of a pound of your body fats.

Whilst you like to get rid of excess body fats, it is very necessary to determine that there’s such thing that is called essential body fats. This is significant for some things like maintaining the body wherein the vitamins and minerals you have consumed are processed, childbearing as well as protecting the vital organs. Essential body fats can be calculated as the percentage of the overall body weight with the use of callipers.

Essential Body Fats for Men & Women

Essential body fat is about 2 to 5 percent in men & 10 to 13 percent in women. As a matter of fact, the body fat fractions for women and men differ in all bodies and it’s very necessary to bear in mind if you come up with weight loss goals. Getting your body fat percent lower than the essential fat can mean it could have serious harmful effects on your body and quality of life.

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

Take a look at the image above and that will show you clearly the variance in the body when you start trying to lose excess body weight which could be from muscle and water retention versus when you lose fat whilst maintaining your muscles. It must be enough reason for you to concentrate on fat loss rather than weight loss. It’s simple to lose weight quickly but it will lead to a little soppy pear shape. You read it right, the digit on the gauge would be lower yet you will never be healthier for that and will never look as good as you could when you lose fats than muscle.

In order for you to understand why it is taking place, please have a look at the dissimilarity in the composition and volume of 1 lb. of fat versus 1 lb. of muscle and that will give you a clear picture. Keep in mind that 1 lb. of muscle is more compact and dense and losing that will not show more of a difference within your body. On the other hand, 1 lb. of fat could look like a far larger weight loss.

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