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Effective Diet Meal Plan

Benefits of Having an Effective Diet Meal Plan:


Save Time and Money

Since you already have the idea of what to plan for your weekly or monthly meals, you already have the estimated cost for your ingredients. This means you can easily budget your money and save more instead of buying ingredients from time to time.

Eat Healthy

An effective diet meal plan lets you add variety to your meals and restrict you from having bad food choices. You can guarantee that what you are buying are all healthy foods.

Reduce Food Waste

You will be more focused on real and healthy food lifestyle and so you can lessen frequent food waste in the back of your fridge and other leftovers.

Less Stress

Stress is bad for your health. If you have prepared your meal plan well with all the ideas that we provide here at Diet Meal Plan, then you will be less stressed and be happier and healthier.

We plan a Low-Carb Diet Meal Plan for Guaranteed Results

The ideal low-carb diet meal plan should be sustainable and includes all of the essential nutrients that your body needs. Should you try a low-carb diet today? Definitely, yes. It is not only effective in weight loss but can also reduce hunger, control blood sugar and insulin, improve cognitive performance, lower risk for heart disease, and reduce risks for cancer. This is an effective diet meal plan that you should follow accordingly to achieve guaranteed results in the long run. You can also make your own effective diet meal plan using the example above.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an effective diet meal plan if you are living in Singapore. You can make your own or follow the recommended ones you can find on the Internet. The main secret to achieve guaranteed results is simply following the meal plan and sticking with it faithfully. There is no perfect meal plan for everyone. Your choice will always depend on your needs and goals. Therefore, you need to assess your body and set attainable goals. Just take note to choose a diet that you can sustain in the long run.

We also offer a platform for you to get back your money! We organize a Weight Loss Contest monthly for serious candidates who are interested to motivate and challenge themselves to lose more excess fats.

Some requirements for you if you are interested to join our contests:

  • You are required to purchase a 30 days Diet Meal Plan Personalised Program with us
  • For males, your BMI needs to be above 26.0 and body fats above 20%
  • For Females, your BMI needs to be above 24.0 and body fats above 30%
  • You are required to weigh in weekly so our coach can monitor your progress
  • Top 5 winners will be awarded up to $1,000 cash
  • Our coaches will guide you along 24/7
  • Progress will be monitored weekly
  • Exercise plans according to your availability
Prizes are subjected to changes.
Disclaimer: Results are not typical, individual results will vary.

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