Weight Rebound

Weight Rebound

Tips on Preventing Weight Rebound

Why is it very hard to lose unwanted pounds and keep it off? Why do you experience weight rebound? It is primarily due to the fact that your body is defending itself from weight loss. That is right! Your body is actually working against all your efforts to lose weight.

On the other hand, there is something you could do about this. If you really like to avoid weight loss rebound and plateau, you have to understand why your body recognizes weight loss as a risk. Think about weight rebound and plateau while your body is defending itself from weight loss.

Why Weight Rebound and Plateau Happens?

When you undergo a diet plan and start losing weight, your body will undergo changes for counteracting the weight loss. Basically, your body is working against you and it tries to keep some “set point” of obesity or a zero body weight. To shed off pounds, you have to change your diet and that is the best thing to do.

After a while, it creates a scenario wherein your body is trying to carry out the opposite. It begins changing in a way that it attempts to conserve energy & boost energy intake to prevent you from losing weight. Such changes take place for the reason that your body senses a risk to survival.

Such adaptations explain why people hit the plateau and also, why we experience weight rebound all of a sudden after we have lost pounds. It is for the reason that your body tries to maintain your weight at some set point so that you will be able to reproduce and survive. When you’re starving, which is what the body can sense when losing weight, your chances of reproduction goes down.

It’s true for all adults to maintain a healthy level of body fats. The following are the changes within your body that you will notice immediately when you start to lose weight:

  • You burn reduced calories. That is definitely right. Even when you attempt to exercise more, you might end up in burning fewer calories compared when you were not dieting for the reason that your body decreases its use of energy when the food is limited. Hence, you will burn fewer calories than you usually will from regular everyday activities and from the basic functions of the body. Dieting and proper nutrition will always be a key to a successful weight loss.
  • You will become hungrier and if you lose weight, your body boosts the secretion of the hormones which will make you feel hungry and will make it more difficult to stick to your preferred diet plan. You just need to be well-disciplined to overcome it.
  • It is more difficult for you to stop eating. Leptin is the hormone which signals that it’s time for you to hands off and stop eating, making you feel that you are already full. When you’re dieting, your leptin output will drop that will encourage you to eat more foods, but having the right mindset, you can resist the temptation and see dieting really helps.
  • You mess up your thyroid hormones that negatively affect your capability to lose weight, your energy and your mood.


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